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Frequently asked Questions:


My character doesn't move , doesn't attack , doesn't use chain skills etc...

- Make sure to reset all options and keybinds inside aion to default, this is critically needed.

Also make sure your other characters are reset to default as every character has their own settings in aion.


How can I add the new key to the bot?

- Either open the updater.ini file in your Bot Folder and replace the old key with the new key.

Or delete the updater.ini file and start the bot - it will ask you to enter a working key.


How will I obtain the keys I bought?

- Once you paid over the paypal portal , you should get your key automatic right after it has been authenticated.


Are my private Infos save here ?

- Yes , I won't make any use of your private data.


How to run more than 2 instances of Aion + Bots ?

- Just head over to and download their latest copy, and follow their tutorial on how to use sandboxie.

- Then just run 1 client normal and the others in different sandboxes, start the bots normal non sandboxed and apply them to each window.

(will let you run many instances aion in a sort of small virtual environment, seperated from other env's)


Common Problems and fixes:


After I entered my new key it said it is already in use , what should I do ?

- That can happen sometimes upon first activation, just follow the notice (wait 5 min) and try again.


After I started the bot for the first time , it keeps spamming russian sound and keeps on focusing (bringing window on top) the aion window.

- Make sure your inventory is empty (has at least one empty slot) . After that you can go into options and deactivate all sound alarms and the bring to top option. ("A").


The Bot doesn't go to his route / Bot doesn't move at all (Running motion.. *spam)

Running motion... Stuck! I press the buttons 0 to 9. Rotate camera 110 degrees

- Go to the game settings -> Controls.
Set the standard key for automatic forward movement (num-lock).


No stops on the route of choice for the mob.

- Go to the game settings -> Keyboard.
Set the F1 key by default - select self.
It is also possible to change the selection key itself in the bot (General Settings -> Keys)


An error has occured not enough rights. Unable to connect to the game / crawling in games.

- Uninstall antivirus Avira (Comodo) and restart the computer.


Error crawling into game!

- Make sure your operating system is running in english.

Means the time/date/numbers format.

Open systemconfiguration go to -> Region and Language -> Format and put it into english -> restart pc and try again.


I can't start the bot I always get a "FRAMEWORK" / 0xc000007b error! / The program can't start because MSVCR100_CLR0400.dll is missing

- Make sure you installed .net Framework 3.5

and .net Framework 4

You can obtain them on the Microsoft site.


Bot closes/crashes right after inserting the key.

- If you're running the thai time format (2555 for 2012) make sure to change it to the 2012 format.


I can't start the bot I always get a "Firefox has stopped working error"

- Make sure the date is correct (example : it is the 12.03.12 but your clocks says 05.03.12)


After entering my key , and selecting the client rubot freezes and does nothing.

- Make sure your time format is set to i.e. 14 : 32 and not 14 . 32 (i.e. - italian format uses "." as seperation)


The bot doesn't seem to use the chain skills

Make sure your aion options are on standard, in this particularly case - make sure "skill's chain indicator" option is activated.